More performance through guarantee
No matter whether by software, chip or additional control unit, a professional intervention in the engine electronics of your vehicle quickly brings you a considerable increase in performance.

Through a reinsurer we are able to give a guarantee on your vehicle for all chip tuning carried out by us.

Scope of the guarantee
(Extract from the warranty conditions): The warranty applies to the following parts and assemblies.

Engine block, cylinder head and gasket, all internal parts connected to the oil circuit, oil pan with oil pressure switch and oil filter housing, starter motor and starter ring, alternator with regulator.

Engine management
Fuel system, injection pump and nozzles, fuel pump, carburettor and turbocharger, the electrical components of the injection system (except sensors) and electrical components of the ignition system.

Power transmission
From manual to automatic transmission the parts: Transmission housings, including all internal parts, from the power transmission shafts the cardan shafts, axle drive shafts and drive joints.

A guarantee for the tuning carried out requires an additional insurance contract, which you can conclude separately for your vehicle at our premises. The guarantee is valid for a period of two years and 100,000 KM mileage after the first registration of your vehicle.

Cost factor
The guarantee must be concluded separately. The price depends on the PS & class of the vehicle & is between 150 & 250 €.