We offer professional chip tuning & fuel saving tuning for the following vehicle classes:


We develop software optimizations for diesel (e.g. CDI, TDI, JTD, TDCI, CDTI) & petrol vehicles (e.g. turbo, TSI, TFSI, compressor).


We develop chip tuning solutions for diesel and petrol engines.

What is Chiptuning?

Chiptuning - meanwhile the term of a whole industry. Many companies call themselves Chiptuning enterprises, although they do not have many relatives to the complex technology, behind it. Most of the tuning box discount company claims to do the same, but that is not sthe case. Here is why.

Chiptuning is well-known for many years. In terms of large increases in performance at fair prices. Meanwhile it is a generic term for performance increase, engine tuning, OBD tuning, map or ECU optimization, diesel tuning or turbo tuning.
The term Chiptuning originates from the 90s, when engines were equipped with an electronic engine management system. To be able to store the different parameters (maps) according to which the combustion process is to be controlled, so-called eproms (simplified chips) were used. The tuner of that time had the appropriate technology at his disposal to solder out and reprogram the eproms. Hence the name Chip-Tuner. The industry has developed parallel to the automotive industry. Thus, today it is no longer about Eproms, but about flash memory chips and processors with internal and external memory chips. Even the current chip tuner still reads the data and changes the parameters according to its experience. The effort of such a tuning is much higher than that of simple additional electronics. The main difference is that all motor parameters are directly adjusted to each other.

In fact: tuning boxes are NOT chip tuning! With the conventional boxes (especially in the lower price level) only the fuel pressure is influenced. Here only a small electronic, not much more than a regulated resistor) is clamped in front of the fuel pressure sensor. The control unit itself gets the task to compensate the error. As a side result - if at all - additional power is produced, but often (especially in the case of boxes which are used in many different vehicles), side effects such as jerking, problems with the particle filter, occurrence of emergency programs etc. occur. In addition, the power and torque yield is usually significantly below that of map optimizations.
For this reason we stick to chip tuning. We don't want to put unnecessary strain on our customers' engines, and we want to provide you with the highest degree of stability and long-lasting driving pleasure. 

As a serious tuner, we develop every vehicle software with the help of a test vehicle on a so-called performance test bench. The development for this takes several days depending on the vehicle and is of course very cost-intensive. Unfortunately, this is also the reason for the large price differences in this industry, as many companies do not make this effort. Only those who develop thoroughly and accept many tests can reduce errors on customer vehicles.
But this development enables us, building on this accumulated experience, to completely rebuild our customers' vehicles in a period of only 2 to 4 hours and to adapt them to all given components.