XtremeChip® Competition is our top model. It is equipped with an industry first high-quality, high-performance 72 MHz processor. Combined with our award winning software and custom made wiring harness it marks the pinnacle of chiptuning. With our 15 plus years of experience in writing engine software the Competition stands out with superior performance and future proofness. With the included remote control to adjust power on the fly it sets the reference standard in what’s possible with chiptuning.

The Competition can be migrated to your future vehicle. Explore our XtremeChip migration promise.


  • xtremechip standardCustomizable When you get your XtremeChip®, it is already programmed with recommended settings for your vehicle. However, you can fine tune your XtremeChip at any time to reach your specific needs and desired results. Adjusting your XtremeChip is quick, easy and you don’t need special automotive knowledge for the task.  Our customer support are available for more information on installation and achieving 25% more power, 20% more torque and increased fuel efficiency up to 5 MPG. These maximum values are achievable however they may vary depending on the engine’s serial tolerance, fuel quality and altitude. To learn more regarding the maximum values for your vehicle please select your vehicle from our database clicking below. Select vehicle
  • XtremeChip standardEco-Tuning – more fun, more power and less fuel. If your goal is to save fuel then XtremeChip® can help you achieve this by increasing fuel economy by up to 5 mpg while maintaining optimal performance. If fuel efficiency is your goal please let us know via email after you have placed the order and we will configure your chiptuning box accordingly. More Information
  • XtremeChip StandardA reliable high-speed data connection is critical for optimal performance. For this reason XtremeChip® includes a custom made automotive plug that exceeds the standards for electronic connectors to ensure safety and optimal performance.
  • XtremeChip standardDurable and reliable aluminum housing. A sturdy die-cast aluminum casing protects every XtremeChip® chiptuning box from the elements.

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