The XtremeChip® Professional is the successor of the globally successful 2nd gen series. It provides a higher level of chiptuning compared to our Standard model with increased power and torque output. The Professional model has an excellent price to performance ratio and this is one of the reasons for its success. At the heart of the Professional model operates a 32 Mhz processor that is perfectly protected in a compact aluminum casing.


  • Better performance. Microprocessor controlled Better performance. Micro-processor controlled. Faster acceleration and improved engine response. Result: more fun to drive! The 16 bit ATxmega processor made by Atmel is a proven microcontroller for complex tasks. With its fast 32 MHz clock rate it responds quickly to provide increased engine power of up to 30%.
  • xtremechip professionalCustomizable After you order you will receive your XtremeChip® Professional specifically optimized for your vehicle. You can further customize your XtremeChip® Professional upon installation. Notice up to 30% more power up to 20% increased torque upon installation. And there are fuel savings of up to 1l/100km / 5mpg. These values may vary depending on the engine serial tolerance, fuel quality and altitude. Select your vehicle from our database for additional details on power, torque and technical specs.Select vehicle
  • XtremeChip professionalEco-Tuning – Fun and Savings Eco-Tuning – more fun, more power and less fuel. If your goal is to save fuel then XtremeChip® can help you achieve this by increasing fuel economy by up to 5 mpg while maintaining optimal performance. If fuel efficiency is your goal please let us know via email after you have placed the order and we will configure your chiptuning box accordingly. More information
  • racechip ultimate A reliable high-speed data connection is critical for optimal performance. For this reason XtremeChip® includes a custom made automotive plug that exceeds the standards for electronic connectors to ensure safety and optimal performance.
  • racechip ultimateDurable and reliable aluminum housing. A sturdy die-cast aluminum casing protects every XtremeChip® chiptuning box from the elements.

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